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As the group has considerable experience in the design of pipelines and storage facilities worldwide the design and build of new liquid storage facilities and pipelines is not outside the remit of the group although we do not consider ourselves as a project management company. With this in mind the design and build of any new facilities could be accommodated should a request be made through IntrAfrika Holdings (Pty) Limited and there is merit to the group.

Should your project not be progressing well, over budget, late in completion, we can provide the specialised assistance can be given on either a consultant basis by providing specialised expertise to your project team, or we can take over your project and complete it in accordance with your specifications, standard designs etc, within your existing budget and time frame. Should it be of interest to a client the rental of ullage (storage) or pipeline space for various products in different locations may be possible and organised by us, depending on timing and location and grade or type of liquid product to be transmitted or stored.

Local distribution of petroleum products can also be considered in certain areas where there is convenient access to a centralised distribution centre. The import and export of finished petroleum products and their national distribution is also part of the handling of the niche liquid products market and is considered a major contributor to the group’s services.









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