Management of complete pipeline facilities under contract

To deliver our promises as expected by our client in order for him to fulfill his business objectives as sold to his customers.

To respect his requirements by meeting our commitments in achieving “best in Class” performance’s without question.

Ensuring that when a contract or project has been completed, we can look with pride and be able to stand next to our customer as equals and in the knowledge that satisfaction has been attained by both parties To ensure that our customers are able too with complete confidence recommend our services to other business associates or group companies. To ensure without any doubt that safety both in the work place and on the construction sites are paramount and that every effort is made by the company to ensure that a zero harm culture in health and safety second to none is practiced whatever the cost, so that all our working colleagues go home after a day’s work and that health and safety is not just a buzz word.

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IntrAfrika Group Companies is a family trust owned organisation with a major shareholding in all the group companies.

IntrAfrika Holdings (Pty) Limited is a wholly owned company with all shares held by the family trust..

IntrAfrika Holdings (Pty) Limited holds the controlling shares of all group companies with the remainder being by participation of independents with the exception of IntrAfrika Storage (Pty) Limited were it owns fifty percent of the shares.

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It is envisioned that not only will the company own import and distribution facilities of world class standards but will be able to supply finished hydrocarbons to other nations.

To take over and manage the operation and maintenance of pipelines and terminal facilities on behalf of the owners that will allow the optimisation of both their costs and expertise.

To operate and maintain to a high standard pipelines and facilities already in existence where owners prefer to optimise their man power and costing by contracting the services out of company. To be a world class consultant providing services to the fuel oil distribution industry, by bringing specialist expertise in all aspects of oil loading, pipeline and facilities distribution management both in operations, maintenance, design and construction. To make available specialist management expertise in order to assist facilities owners in the design and construction, either at the beginning of the project or to assist in the recovery of new projects which are not progressing satisfactory.

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IntrAfrika Pipelines SA (Pty) Limited’s main focus

Operation and Maintenance.

The operation and maintenance of a pipeline by this company can either be from a new pipeline recently commissioned by a client to the operation and maintenance of an existing pipeline were the owner wishes to contract out such activities to a more experienced organisation and to reduce their own overheads.

Rental of Ullage space

The rental of ullage space in existing pipelines can also be arranged were it is not convenient because the demand is insufficient to construct your own systems, at a reasonable cost.

Commissioning of a new pipeline

The commissioning of a new pipeline under construction can also be undertaken provided our input is from an early stage in the construction or sufficient time is allowed to gain the necessary understanding of the project.

New build of complete pipeline

The new build of complete pipeline to your specification or ours and the continued ongoing operation and maintenance over an agreed period either as owner, owner’s agent, Public Private partnership (PPP) etc, is also in our portfolio and our speciality.

IntrAfrikaPipelines Clients

Transnet – South Africa

Hydrocarbon Fuel Lines – Comprising,Four Fuel Oil Pipelines,Two Terminals & Three Pump houses.

1 Overall Project Designs 2 Overall Project Management (Director) 3 Cost Control 4 Planning 5 Inspection 6 Procurement 7 Contract Management 8 Construction Management and Supervision 9 Health and Safety Management 10 Land Acquisition Management and Control 11 Environmental Management Note: Reference : Colin Healiss (IntrAfrikaPipelines CEO) .

Confidential Client

Cross Border Country (In country Portion) Hydrocarbon Project – Comprising: Pipeline, terminals and loading facilities Pre feasibility Study comprising:

1 Scope of work (Project Technical Specification) 2 Prefeasibility Cost Estimate 3 Preliminary Block Plans and Flow Diagrams 4 Timeline Schedule 5 Business Plan 6 Cost Flow Plan 7 Project Overview and Description 8 Funding Plan 9 Project and Operational Budget (Next Phase) 10 Project Execution Strategy